The Road Map to Buying a Home

1.  Get Pre - Approved

2.  Pick a Building Lot

          - Have your own land to build on? Great!

          - Looking for land?  We work closely with the best Realtors, and can help find the perfect building lot quickly! Contact us to do a site evaluation,                     before purchasing.

3.  Pick from Our Collection, or We Can Draw a Custom Plan

4. Pick the Options For Your Home

            - Choose from our Bronze Package, Silver Package, or Platinum Package.

            - Design your own Package.  Choose the options that you want!

5. Sign Contract

            - Sign our straight forward, easy to read Contract!

6. Secure Financing

            - Secure (close) your Loan!

7.  Start Building/Move In

            - Watch your Home come to life, and move in as soon as your Home is completed!


"Quality Construction with an Environmental Focus"